• Where does motivation come from?

    April 19, 2020 Ashk.fit Fitness

    People ask me constantly, “how are you so motivated”. And I wish I could give
    some magic answer as to where to just pull motivation out of a hat. But truth
    is…I’m no more motivated than anyone else. Motivation isn’t really a state of
    being like people tend to think. It actually is more of a temporary emotion.
    Just as we feel sad when something bad happens, or fearful when we watch a scary
    movie, motivation works the same. For example, you are scrolling through
    Instagram and see a super fit girl or guy and all of a sudden you feel super
    motivated, you decide this is going to be the day that you start working to look
    like them! You’re going to start going to the gym every day and stop eating junk
    immediately. But how long does that feeling last? A few minutes, days, maybe
    even weeks. At some point though, that feeling has to go away. It’s physically
    impossible to feel motivated 24/7. I’ve been eating healthy and exercising,
    intentionally, for 15 years now and trust me, I have not felt motivated the
    entire time. But what I have remained is consistent, dedicated, and formed
    habits that are constantly working toward my goals. How can you do this? Here
    are a few tips:

    1. You have to have a goal to work toward. Always. And it needs to be specific
    and measurable. So whether it’s to lose 15lbs before your friends wedding or be
    able to do 10 push-ups in a row after one month of training. That goal gives you
    a purpose and purpose gives you drive.

    2. Accountability. Tell people what your goal is, so that just the fact that
    they know will hold you accountable. And hire a trainer (that’s why you’re here
    right?!), your appointments with that trainer will hold you accountable. I
    myself even still have a coach that I have to check in with every week.

    3. Make a routine-which will eventually turn in to a habit. Schedule out your
    workout times and make appointments with your trainer. Plan out your diet for
    the week. Soon these won’t feel like a commitment as much as just a normal part
    of life.

    4. Mental coaching. You are your own best or worst encouragement. So when you
    start to think negatively you have to tell yourself to stop. When you start to
    have thoughts of quitting, give yourself encouragement as to why you shouldn’t.
    And when you start to make excuses, catch them and tell yourself that excuses
    won’t help you reach your goal.

    Remember, all of this is a process and it won’t happen over night. But if you
    start working on these now, over time you will see that soon people will be
    asking you too, “how are you so motivated”.