• Why HIIT Workouts Are Perfect for a Hectic Schedule

    February 7, 2019 UBQFIT Fitness

    Picture this: your gym day has finally come. You have your clothes on, your
    water bottle is filled, your bag – wait. Where did you put your bag? In the
    closet? On the chair? You look for 20 minutes only to find that you put it away,
    exactly where it was supposed to be. But you’re ready now. It’s gym time.

    But, you don’t want to make any second trips, so you check your bag to make sure
    it has your lock for the locker room, a personal towel, and a change of clothes
    – but not your regular change of clothes, because you have plans later. Right.
    Back to the closet.

    Ok, it’s been half an hour, but you found the perfect outfit, shoes included,
    and you remembered to bring make-up to finish off the look. Your bag is all
    packed, and you’re finally in the car and driving 30 minutes to your closest
    gym. You walk in, get your ID ready, secure your locker, find an open machine –
    aaaand you forgot your headphones.

    Last time, it was your water bottle. The time before that, one of your kids was
    home sick. None of your gym days ever seem to be just perfect.

    It shouldn’t be so time consuming and costly to have one good day to work out,
    but high-intensity interval training (HIIT) done right from home is a great
    replacement for your gym membership.

    If you’re a frequent gym-goer, you’ve probably heard of HIIT, but here’s a
    refresher in case you haven’t. HIIT is a cardio routine which involves short
    bursts, or intervals, of high intensity exercising, followed by shorter periods
    of rest. Each interval can range anywhere from 20 to 90 seconds, and the resting
    periods between each interval are usually from 5 to 15 seconds. Because of the
    short time frame for the intervals, the ‘high-intensity’ descriptor is no joke.
    When performing exercises in a HIIT routine, pushing yourself to really sweat is
    a vital component of what makes HIIT an effective workout, and heart rate
    training is a good way to measure your intensity. Active.com has a comprehensive
    guide to calculating your heart rate zones here
    which you should figure out before getting started with your routine.

    HIIT is great for home exercising because there is no need for equipment, and
    the routines can be completed in a half hour or even less. There are even some
    routines you can do that are made to keep the noise down, like Emi Wong
    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bleOTMDa3_4]’s video routine, which are great
    for when your household is asleep. Even other videos from professionals like The
    Body Coach Joe Wicks [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q20pLhdoEoY], Moms Into
    Fitness [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPpObC5PnwM], Stephi Nguyen
    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02lWhOgmFAQ], Runtastic Fitness
    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8nbLvXr_Z8], are great for beginners or anyone
    else looking for new routines.

    With the brevity of the routines and the elimination of a commute, using HIIT to
    work out from home is a surefire way to save you time and money, and the best
    part is that it’s impossible to forget anything at home.

  • How to Make Your Fitness Routine Exciting Again

    February 7, 2019 UBQFIT Fitness

    Having the same schedule every week can be nice. There are no surprises, it’s
    easier to budget expenses, and theoretically, if you like one week, then you’ll
    like all the rest. For most people, though, this feeling of being secure in a
    routine doesn’t last long. Monotony is fine as it comes and goes, but when it
    overstays its welcome, life can quickly turn dull.

    This is especially true of workout routines. If you’re moving the same way every
    time you exercise, not only can it get boring, but you probably aren’t getting
    the results you’re looking for when you work out. This may seem counterintuitive
    – if you work on the same routine, it should follow that your body gets stronger
    as you master the movements. Unfortunately, this is not true, and in fact, the
    less your muscles are challenged, the less progress you will make.

    Along with changing up your fitness routine, there are other methods of sprucing
    up your habits that will make you fall in love with fitness all over again.

    First of all, for those of you working out at home (which you should be), what
    does your fitness space look like? Is it a bit cramped? Is there enough
    ventilation and sunlight? If you’re noticing that you don’t really love the
    space you workout in, that’s enough of a buzzkill to make working out seem like
    a chore. Change up your station by getting organized, opening windows, and
    setting up a space for music or watching fitness trainers on a TV or tablet.

    Speaking of music, do you have a specific playlist for exercising? If you’re
    listening to random songs you love (or not listening to music at all), then you
    might not be getting the full effects of songs that can really pump you up.
    suggests that exercising to songs that are 125 to 140 beats per minute (BPM)
    helps to create a more intense workout than listening to songs with slower

    If music really isn’t your thing, but you feel your mind wandering and slowing
    you down while you’re moving, try following your favorite trainer online and see
    if they stream live fitness routines. Apps like UBQFIT allow you to follow
    professional trainers and watch them livestream their workouts, which is perfect
    for keeping you concentrated on your fitness long enough to meet your target
    heart rate. It also helps to invite friends or family to move with you, as there
    is evidence [https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-10/aoa-gei102717.php]
    of a reduction in stress levels with we work out with company. Together, you can
    choose several different favorite trainers from the app so that your routine is
    always fresh and exciting.

    Using high-intensity interval training (HIIT) along with Orange Theory fitness
    is another great way to get you feeling challenged again in your workouts. HIIT
    is a routine that calls for 20 to 90 seconds of intense exercise, followed by a
    short period of rest, usually from 5 to 15 seconds, and then back to the
    exercise interval and so on. There’s no better way to integrate new routines
    than to get in touch with new trainers and fitness influencers. In the digital
    age, there is no shortage of fitness inspiration and expert instruction. Find
    trainers or motivational instructors online is a great way to vary your

    Orange Theory routines typically last for a minimum of 10 minutes, like ones
    from Emi Wong [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ6voLaG9_I] and The Lean
    Machines [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vEgwLEFJXU], but to integrate the
    practice, you’ll probably working out for about 30 minutes to an hour. Orange
    Theory fitness says that the best workouts are ones where 84-91% of your maximum
    heart rate is reached for about a fifth of the total workout time. This is
    considered the “orange zone”, hence the name, and combining HIIT with Orange
    Theory fitness allows you to measure your progress and increase the intensity of
    your workouts.

    Don’t forget, there are as many fitness routines as there are people, so even if
    Orange Theory routines aren’t right for you, there are many alternatives.

    You may feel like there’s no way to get back to that honeymoon phase of fitness,
    but there is no doubt that making even one of these changes is going to bring
    back the lively nature of working out, and you’ll be reminded of why exercising
    was squeezed into your busy schedule in the first place.

  • How Livestreaming Workouts Can Replace your Gym Commute

    February 7, 2019 UBQFIT Fitness

    There’s a good chance you’ve heard of fitness DVD’s and workouts on YouTube, but
    there is an even more exciting trend that makes working out at home all the more

    Before we talk about what that trend is, ask yourself: why do you still have a
    gym membership? Chances are, you’re paying about $50 a month, or $600 a year, to
    not even go to the gym the amount of times you should be going in order to get
    your money’s worth. Gyms profit off of the fact that they have more memberships
    than their facilities could hold at one time, which is why they convince people
    whom they know will never show up
    into paying for annual contracts. And of course, with annual contracts comes
    fees. Annual fees, registration fees, and more likely than not, some sort of
    cancellation fee if you were to try and rip yourself from the claws of a gym

    One of the many reasons people end up paying for memberships they never use is
    an ignorance of how long commutes actually affect our likelihood to work out. It
    can be hard enough to get into the habit of exercising, but for people whose gym
    commutes are longer, that habit becomes impossible to stick. The Wall Street
    reports that those with a mere five mile commute travel to the gym only once a
    month! Even with commutes that are about four miles (3.7), the average amount of
    trips people make to the gym per month increases to only five. While it’s true
    that there are some cheap gym memberships, there is no way that going to the gym
    five times a month will meet any of your fitness goals.

    Eliminating your gym membership and subsequent commute to the gym are only some
    of the positives to working out at home. When you make the switch, you also open
    your flexibility with exercising in your busy schedule, and you never have to
    worry about uncomfortable stares when you’re getting in your #squatgoals or
    performing other high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routines. Best of all,
    you get to partake in the trend that is live-streaming your workout.

    Live-streaming your workouts from apps like UBQFIT is a great way to join a
    fitness class right at home, and there is an unexpected benefit to hopping on
    this trend. According to Men’s Journal
    [https://www.mensjournal.com/sports/can-watching-sports-make-you-fitter/], when
    we watch physical activity being performed, the sympathetic nervous system in
    our brain is activated. The study
    [https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fnins.2013.00102/full] shows that
    there are cardiovascular changes in our bodies, such as increasing heart rate,
    respiration, blow flow and sweat release, which is our brains’ way of prepping
    our bodies for intense movement. Of course, the sole act of watching trainers
    work out is not enough to make you physically fit, but it can help with your
    motivation to do so! To inspire your workouts, take a look at this 32 minute
    cardio home workout [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWy_aOlB45Y] by the workout
    power couple behind Fitness Blender [https://www.instagram.com/fitnessblender/],
    or this 20 minute routine [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyFjMupI5B0&t=24s] by
    instructor MadFit [https://www.instagram.com/madfit.ig/].

    Not only does it cost nothing to start body weight training at home, but you
    don’t have to worry about a limit to the number of guests you can invite with
    you to workout! Bring your family and friends over, and together you can pick
    out your favorite live-streaming trainers and create your own workout community
    where you encourage each other to reach your goals.

    As you can see, working out from home takes the away the worst parts about a gym
    and keeps the parts that you might have felt were reasons for staying. If you’re
    at home, there are no more commutes, no more unnecessary expenses, no reasons to
    be self-conscious, but all the benefits of having professional trainers and an
    exercise community remain with the addition of a more flexible schedule. So when
    you’re cancelling your gym membership, good luck – and watch out for those fees!

  • Tone Your Tushie with this Squat Routine

    February 7, 2019 UBQFIT Fitness

    Squats are easy to get the hang of, but doing them at a gym is kind of tricky if
    you’re a woman. Unfortunately, this has more to do with the environment than
    with the exercise itself. For example, when we go on the treadmill, a guy starts
    talking to us. Or when we use the pull down, another guy starts talking to us.
    Filling up our water bottle, and yet another guy starts talking to us. These
    interactions cause countless eye rolls, but it can make some of us feel even
    more self-conscious than we already do. Feeling like we’re being watched by a
    bunch of strangers can take the fun out of an activity which is meant to make us
    feel empowered and good about ourselves.

    And, let’s face it, a big reason we go to the gym is to get ourselves looking
    the best we can, so the stares can be even worse when we’re working on shaping
    our butts. If you’ve ever made an offhand comment about your bum, you’ve no
    doubt heard ten different people giving you the same advice in unison: “try
    squats”. The truth is that they really aren’t wrong. These types of exercises
    lift your glutes and strengthen your thighs by building lean muscle that rounds
    out your butt, and on top of that, squat exercises workout your core which means
    your abdominals and lower back are gaining muscle and losing fat at the same

    Whether you’re a frequent gym-goer or you just think your tush could use a bit
    of improvement, one foolproof way to forget about the staring is to workout
    using body weight training from the comfort of your home.

    While you may think it’s extreme to leave your gym memberships behind, there are
    loads of other reasons to workout at home. Body weight training, which doesn’t
    require equipment, is known to keep you more stabilized, improve your
    functionality and give you better stamina than strength training at the gym.
    Working out at home also opens up your flexibility with your schedule, and when
    you have a routine down, you can exercise on the go, like at a park or in a
    hotel room on a business trip. If you’ve already made a group of friends at the
    gym, working out at home doesn’t mean leaving that community. Try inviting them
    to partake in body weight training, or even a new fitness hobby like cycling. If
    you don’t have anyone to workout with, but you’d like to find people, sharing
    your progress on social media is a great way to connect with others with similar

    If you want to give body weight training a go at home, this squat routine is
    perfect to start. Note that some of these exercises are done with dumbbells,
    which are easy to buy and easier to replicate using household objects of similar

    The Basic Squat [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhZp3xXxCN0] demoed by the
    hilarious PrettyKeli [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_6nnp5Sui-xF1y-M8ssQ3g]

    The Squat Jack [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn4YH5MjF9E] demoed by Group
    HIIT [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_aLZ9YxRrGmCe1Zd3GSkEA]

    The Goblet Squat [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeIiIdhvXT4] demoed by
    ScottHermanFitness [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEtMRF1ywKMc4sf3EXYyDzw]

    The Squat Jump [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72BSZupb-1I] demoed by Les Mils

    Being comfortable in your own skin should mean being comfortable in your
    environment, and in the wise words of Dorothy, “there’s no place like home”.

  • How to Keep your 2019 New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

    February 7, 2019 UBQFIT Fitness

    Why do people make New Year’s Resolutions? Is it due to regret over the choices
    that were made in the past year, or is it more about optimistic goals for the

    Whatever the reason, the fact of the matter is that around 80% of Americans
    don’t even keep their New Year’s Resolutions by February. And guess what: gyms
    depend on this (NPR
    They plan on you paying for a membership and not showing up, and while that may
    be a great business plan for them, there are absolutely no benefits for you. If
    you’re thinking that means you should just give up on getting fit, it’s actually
    the contrary. There are some key components to keeping your New Year’s Fitness
    Resolution, and this Top 5 list takes all of the common tips, plus some unique
    advice from American Psychological Association
    [https://www.apa.org/helpcenter/resolution.aspx], Erica Andersen
    and Kevin Kruse
    on Forbes, and puts it all together so that you can best master the art of
    conquering your goals.

    1. Baby Steps

    When you set a goal for yourself, it can be tempting to put in your maximum
    dedication right off the bat. This can mean buying a gym membership, plus twelve
    new cookbooks, four new fitness outfits, a desk bike for the office – you get
    the idea. In actuality, creating smaller goals can help to focus your vision on
    a slow but more realistic progress that helps to strengthen your daily habits,
    which is truly the endgame of being fit. So instead of paying for that gym
    membership you’ll never use, work out at home using beginner-friendly methods
    like body weight training and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

    2. Be Honest

    The worst way to lose control of your resolutions is to be dishonest with
    yourself. When (not if) you have an off day, be honest with yourself about why.
    If you ignore the reasons that led to you feeling this way, you’ll always keep
    falling off the wagon and your bad habits will never change. Even small
    victories, like a 20 minute workout instead of no workout at all, are proof to
    yourself that you can change. Acknowledge your mistakes, but don’t beat yourself
    up over them, because that will ultimately turn them into reasons to give up.

    3. Community is Everything

    Now, this is a tip that all three articles share. Having a group of people as
    your social support is critical to achieving your fitness goals, and this
    support can come in a variety of forms. One way is to have an accountability
    partner, ideally someone whose fitness goals are similar to yours, to be able to
    not only hold each other accountable but also to raise each other up in the
    process. Aside from an accountability partner, keeping a connection with
    inspirational figures, like UBQFIT’s own Tony Surphman
    [https://www.instagram.com/tonysurphman/], is also a great way to stay focused.
    Simply talking to someone else about your progress and goals will also help to
    solidify your promises to yourself. Your support can be your family, friends, or
    even your colleagues, but just like the last tip, your community is totally
    useless if you are not honest with them, too.

    4. No Measurement, No Progress

    Think of your fitness goals as your fifth grade science project. How can you
    share your results with the class if you aren’t measuring where you started and
    where you’re going? Monitoring your heart rate during workouts is extremely
    beneficial for making sure that you’re pushing yourself enough to gain muscle
    and lose fat, and you can learn more about how to measure this in our orange
    theory fitness article. Another way to measure your progress is through weighing
    yourself, but be aware that muscle gain means weight gain, so the further you
    are into your fitness goals, the more your weight may fluctuate.

    5. Find a Good Answer to Why You’re Keeping Your Resolution

    If you answered that yes, you make your resolutions due to regret or general
    optimism, then chances are that you’ll be included in the 80% statistic.
    Discipline is necessary to complete goals you absolutely dread, but if your
    plans are to change your life with healthy new habits, then discipline is not
    enough. Your motivations have to be strong and heartfelt. Maybe you won’t fall
    in love with fitness right away, and discipline is great for that beginning, but
    your goals have to be meaningful and they have to lead you to believe that you
    are giving yourself something you truly want. This can be newfound confidence, a
    longer lifespan, having boundless energy, or anything that makes you feel
    excited to be fit and healthy.

    Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions may be to get fit, but all these methods of
    keeping your resolution shows how vital it is to love the process. You should
    love all the small steps, love your honesty, your community, your progress and
    your motivations. Once you find yourself in that mindset, then you should have
    no trouble turning your resolutions into lifelong habits.

  • How Watching Trainers Exercise Can Benefit Your Workouts

    February 7, 2019 UBQFIT Fitness

    When it comes to working out, people tend to think they know enough on their own
    to get started and for the unknown, there’s the internet. While the internet can
    be a wealth of knowledge, there’s only so much that Google can do for you. But
    luckily, there is a career field solely focused on ensuring people meet their
    fitness goals. Trainers are often associated with wealthier people and seen as a
    luxury. However, with the impact of the internet and apps such as UBQFIT,
    trainers are an inexpensive and result oriented necessity to achieving
    maintaining your personal fitness goals.

    The biggest advantage of working with trainers relates to motivation. Most
    individuals lack the discipline to adhere to their exercise regimen. However, a
    trainer increases exercise adherence by providing their client with support,
    structure, and accountability. When a person looks in the mirror and is
    dissatisfied with their reflection, they tend to get frustrated. However,
    trainers take that frustration and formulate it into motivation, a reason to
    change what is being reflected. They do so by providing direct solutions to the
    problems at hand. If their client claims to hate their thighs, the trainer
    responds with the perfect workout to target that specific area. A workout that
    they may have not come across on their own or more importantly, would have done

    Most of the time, people read about new exercises or see pictures; however, most
    of the time they’re performing them incorrectly. The slightest misstep could
    result in injuries. These exercise-induced casualties can be avoided by watching
    trainers. It is easier to mirror a moving image than letting your imagination
    take you from picture 1 to picture 2. Virtual trainers will also speak through
    the movements to assure full comprehension of the movement and its impact on
    your body. This incorporation of multiple senses guarantees you are getting the
    best and safest workout for your body.

    It is vital that a trainer has a deeper understanding of the body rather than
    simply a vast knowledge of exercises. For this reason, most people look for
    trainers who have college degrees related to the health exercise field. This
    added benefit encompasses more than an understanding of the movements. It
    ensures a healthy lifestyle is being procured as the trainer is able to
    enlighten their client on healthy diets and body habits.

    In addition to this, people gravitate towards trainers who are passionate,
    empathetic, and demonstrate a fit physical appearance themselves. If a trainer
    does not emulate the fitness goals of the client, it is difficult to trust that
    they will help them in achieving their own personal goals. However, if the
    trainer has an envious body and lacks the empathetic nature desired, people
    could feel as if they’re competing with their trainer. To break down this wall,
    social media fitness entrepreneur, Blogilates Cassey Ho, created a video on the
    “perfect body [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsL7W-GHhJA]”. Throughout her
    challenging workouts, Ho speaks conversationally. It is important for virtual
    trainers to showcase their personalities throughout their videos such as Ho in
    order to build a relationship and desire to be “workout partners”. In addition
    to her workouts, she uploads videos focused on healthy recipes, confidence
    boosting, and her personal life.

    Ho is just one example of the new wave of virtual trainers. Once you find
    personalities you enjoy in these trainers, there is an added incentive to get
    yourself moving. So go out and watch a few videos to get you invigorated for
    your workout!

  • How Monitoring Fitness Data can Improve Your Workouts

    February 7, 2019 UBQFIT Fitness

    Data. You collect it every day; yet, when it’s not physically logged, you cannot
    use it to your advantage. By tracking our actions over time, we can create a
    comprehension study on how those actions affect our personal healthy. The
    benefits of simply logging your fitness data can lead the result oriented
    fitness everyone wishes to attain.

    While it is important to push yourself, there is such a thing as exerting TOO
    much energy. To determine whether you’re pushing your body too hard, it is
    crucial to measure your heart rate. The heart is one of the most important
    organs in the human body.

    Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it plays a pivotal role in an exercise
    regimen. As you strengthen your body, your heart is also being strengthened.
    Heart rate based fitness gauges how hard you need to push your body to achieve
    the level of fitness you desire. When training for general fitness, your maximum
    heart rate should range as low as 50% or as high as 70%. Naturally, an
    experienced athlete could have a maximum heart rate above 70% and as high as
    80%. The most important part of monitoring your heart rate is understanding
    exactly where you fall in these categories. If you moderately exercise, your
    maximum heart rate should not be that of an experienced athletes. While people
    are motivated to see results, it is counterproductive to blindly ignore such a
    crucial facet of a workout. Not only can it be a waste of your time, it is
    highly dangerous.

    So in order to stay motivated and see healthy results, people must record their
    heart rate during the activity, timing of the activity, and how it was done. By
    logging the activity and results consistently, people can gauge their gradual
    improvement which acts as motivation in itself. However, consistency is the
    keyword. Data collected sporadically does minimal good as numbers can jump
    around and confuse people on their fitness progression. In order to properly
    benefit from data driven, people have to constantly log workouts and how those
    workouts made their bodies feel. Hence, the more descriptive people get with
    their data helps to understand which workouts are beneficial or harmful. Was it
    easy to recover from the workout? Were you aching for days? Was your workout
    focused on endurance or speed? There are numerous questions to ask yourself
    after your workout that improve the workout exponentially. By focusing on the
    workouts that increase your abilities, you can avoid overtraining and burning

    Once data is comprehensively collected, it can be utilized to optimize future
    workout efforts. We may not all be runners in training, but incorporating that
    mentality into our everyday workouts produces a sense of accomplishment and
    success like no other.

  • Won’t Go to the Gym Alone? Bring the Gym to your Home

    February 7, 2019 UBQFIT Fitness

    So you’ve decided to get on your fitness grind by getting yourself to the gym.
    You’re feeling super empowered and ready to go and then you’re faced with
    complex machines and equipment and suddenly the panic sets in. Any courage you
    had to get to the gym drains quickly and you retreat back to the comfort of your
    couch and TV. Sound familiar?

    You’re not alone. The idea of being surrounded by gym rats while attempting to
    get on your own regime is daunting for any newcomer. Not to mention, the commute
    to the gym can take up all your energy in itself. Don’t let gym rats and
    commutes be your scapegoat to not working on your dream bod. Take matters into
    your own hands and get into the new wave of fitness in your pocket.

    Virtual trainers and fitness apps such as UBQFIT take away the anxiety of a gym
    by providing users with live stream fitness in the comfort of their own home.
    Transforming the way we workout, these apps offer users the ability to work out
    on their own schedules while also providing motivation, accountability, and
    track-ability—everything you need to successfully complete your fitness goals.

    The virtual trainers provide the necessary, individualized programming for
    starting a workout regimen—without breaking the bank. Live stream one-on-one
    sessions grant users the ability to work on their targeted areas on their own
    time. It can be difficult as a newcomer or a fitness fanatic to come up with
    copious workouts specific to their body types. However, virtual trainers allow
    for that specialized fitness expertise to guarantee users see the results they
    desire. Furthermore, they ensure that the user is properly executing an exercise
    to avoid workout related injuries. The virtual aspect also takes away any
    potential intimidation from an in person trainer. This unique aspect also has
    the added benefit of catering to your schedule rather than trying to fit into a
    trainer’s busy schedule.

    Apps also provide the accountability that people generally don’t have on their
    own by setting reminders and keeping track of their progress. Tracking fitness
    data is a huge component of successfully seeing results. Seeing your gradual
    improvement motivates you to push harder to surpass those mini victories.
    However, monitoring also allows you to see when you may be overexerting
    yourself. The compiled information provides users with a comprehensive view of
    their workouts and how to optimize them. Therefore, when that information is
    easily accessible at the palm of your hands, there is no excuse not to continue
    on your fitness journey.

    With all these great perks, a concern may be the lack of community and
    motivation people get from being in a physical gym. However, through chat
    functions in UBQFIT, users can communicate and encourage friends throughout
    their one-on-one live sessions. Therefore, users aren’t compromising the fitness
    community for a no commute fitness experience. Why not have the best of both

  • No Time For the Gym? Work Out with a Trainer from Home

    February 7, 2019 UBQFIT Fitness

    It seems like there is never enough time in the day. And between work and all
    your other daily obligations, any free time you get, you want to spend on the
    couch. But when you don’t have the time to incorporate working out, your body
    suffers trying to keep up with all your activities. In order to keep up with
    your hectic life, make exercising a priority by working out in the comfort of
    your own home with a personal trainer.

    Hiring a personal trainer can be a major investment that definitely pays
    off…eventually. However, we’re in 2018 and shelling out cash for a personal
    trainer isn’t a necessity now that we have smartphones. Virtual trainers are the
    new wave of anytime, anywhere fitness in the palm of your hands and the comfort
    of your home. Being at home, you can keep your own pace without the fear that
    someone else is judging you. And that precious thing we call “time” is yours. No
    more revolving your day around the gym rush or calculating in your commute time.
    Now the power is in your hands, literally. Browse through virtual trainers you
    like, add them on Instagram for that extra motivation, and get started. And
    don’t worry if you can’t keep up, all you have to do is press pause. Finally a
    solution for all those gym related anxieties.

    Then there’s the drag of being confined to your same five workouts. Instead of
    doing the same exercise routine day in and day out, virtual trainers give people
    a variety of workouts geared towards their personal fitness goals to avoid
    boredom of your usual, monotonous routines. In addition to demonstrating
    exercises each step of the way, trainers provide words of encouragement to push
    their viewers through the workout. Most videos do not even require any
    additional equipment. In fact, a lot of the time virtual trainers will sub in
    household items out of convenience. When it comes to excuses to skip the gym,
    we’re full of them. So convenience is our greatest weapon in combating our
    laziness. A consistent theme for this generation is over-programming. With
    limited time, quick workouts are necessary now more than ever. These trainers
    understand the necessity for quick, convenient fitness, so they often make their
    videos about 10 minutes long. There’s even 5 minute workouts for anyone really
    pressed for time.

    However, with the conveniences of being at home, there are naturally safety
    precautions to take when working out alone. In order to prevent muscle strain
    and injury, it’s critical to do gentle static stretches to warm up your body for
    the exercise ahead. While trainers provide demonstrations of how to execute a
    workout, it’s easy to fall prey to incorrect form, resulting in a strain or
    worse. To avoid this, video yourself doing the workout then compare it to the
    trainer. These extra step will eliminate any potential risk. You’ll thank
    yourself later for proactively ensuring the proper execution of workouts, as
    they will expedite results.

    While you’re reading this you’re probably thinking “at home workouts sound
    ideal, they just never happen”. Many people correlate home workouts as an excuse
    to not go to the gym, only to sit on your couch. Surely discipline is the
    hardest aspect of deciding to workout in your own home. However, Instagram and
    Youtube trainers surprisingly offer viewers a community to interact with and
    motivate each other. The internet is vast and so is their communities which
    means constant motivation, when you need it. Fitness bloggers also pop up on
    Instagram feeds to act as reminders to get up and moving rather than aimlessly
    scrolling. While there is no denying these benefits, if you really want to take
    your fitness to the next level, you’re going to need to track your efforts as
    well. However—like everything else in life—there’s an app for that. Fitness apps
    help to focus your workouts, track your success, and map out your goals. This
    element of data driven fitness optimizes your workouts so that you don’t waste
    time on workouts that aren’t benefiting your specific body type. After all, it’s
    everyone’s goal to work out less and get more out, especially with minimal time
    in your busy schedule.

    If you’re feeling motivated and have 10 minutes to spare, try one or all of
    these workouts.

    1.  [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kQpTMkQo3Y]Shaun T’s 5-Minute Fat-Blasting
    Workout [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kQpTMkQo3Y] by Shaun T

    2. 4 Minute Workout That Replaces 1 Hour in the Gym
    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRDGlIJTVt8] by BRIGHT SIDE

    3.  [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu1qJrjxzME]7 Minute Quick and Effective
    Workout [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu1qJrjxzME] by Danielle Peazer

    4. 8 Minute At Home Cardio Workout! Swimsuit Slimdown Series
    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM_tQtO3QC8] by Blogilates