Establishing Move-&-Earn Landscape

Move & Earn is the next stage in the evolution of the Move-to-Earn model. Although they both encourage individuals to beat the lack of motivation by walking around or moving muscles, the driving force behind each is distinct.

Physical activity in the Move & Earn model is viewed as a joy rather than a thing to do to earn crypto. The rewards and NFTs tied to activities are really the cherry on top, a nice to have so to speak, rather than the sole objective.

The fundamental value proposition of this model is to deliver a delightful and compelling social, community and if members wish, also competitive experience and this is our mission at UBQFIT from day one. We want our members to complete the activities, enjoy the social experiences, and convert their fitness and wellness goals into reality while earning cryptos; not ONLY TO earn cryptos.

Standing out From the Crowd

UBQFIT is so much more than a project, in fact we refrain from using the term “project” for this exact reason. We are a fitness / wellness social networking platform driven by highly technical web 3.0 tools to create a community that will cause an evolution in how things get done in that world, now and forever.

UBQFIT utilizes proprietary pose detection technology that gauges members movements with close precision to ultimately reward these movements through crypto. In UBQFIT members are rewarded for all types of physical activity and fitness.

But of course, physical activity is not where it all ends at UBQFIT; the plan is to be all inclusive over time across the realm of all fitness AND wellness related activities, some will be rewarded based on physical movements, others will be given blanket rewards as appropriate for the activity. But we are starting with high-impact workouts, soon yoga, meditation and others will be added. So get ready to get healthy, make friends, have fun AND earn!

What’s more is that our commitment at UBQFIT is to continually innovate new gameplays to keep our community members excited and motivated to accomplish and maintain their targets of general health.

Here are just a few features that make us stand out:

Costs zero to get value

It costs nothing to get started with your fitness goals at UBQFIT. You will get value irrespective of your financial commitment. This is how we are a move-AND-earn platform rather than move-2-earn. Members come, they work out, they hang out, and they get value for FREE.

3D Metaverse Avatar

Each member is given a 3D-metaverse avatar as they enter UBQFIT, which can be customized further. These avatars follow our members in their activities and serve as a supporter, a pal, to keep them going. But they are also functional. You can upgrade your customized avatar which will then give you more earning potential in each activity.  For now these avatars are FREE so our early member supporters can grandfather into perks for putting their faith in us early on.

In-app ecosystem

With a multitude of social features such as in-app chat, public profiles and global leaderboard to name just a few, alongside move and earn and metaverse features, UBQFIT is equipped with powerful tools  that are unmatched as a whole in the industry to build an ecosystem that will be where everyone will want to be.

Not just sneaker NFTs

UBQFIT gameplay NFTs and powerup NFTs are in the form of clothings for members' avatars. In the future with partnerships in place, more variety in NFTs will be added, but all will involve something useful in pursuing one’s wellness and fitness. So, no, NOT just shoes NFTs. And have you seen UBQFIT’s NFTs? Not your everyday. Follow us on Twitter and Discord for updates.

How it works

UBQFIT is an innovative fitness and wellness platform that allows you to compete in various challenges and competitions. Essentially, two individuals or a group of members from different parts of the world can compete against each other in different activities from their living rooms.

The members can invite their own friends, family, and coworkers to form their personal leaderboards and keep themselves motivated toward their respective fitness goals and achieve these with the people they know.

In order to determine who performed better, the AI and proprietary technology identify human body movements with precision. When you win a challenge, you’ll get rewarded with UBQOINs in duelplay which you can use to:

  • Customize your avatar
  • Buy NFTs
  • Buy non-digital wellness / fitness products from in-app marketplace (in development)
  • Convert it to another currency (at this time USDC only but will grow to other coins soon)

UBQFIT will continually introduce new clothings and equipment NFTs that you can purchase with your UBQOINs in order to power-up your avatar and enhance your Jewels earning potential and so, convert to UBQOINs at a faster rate. Below is a chart of how a new member flows through the ecosystem.

UBQFIT Game Economy


These are platform rewards that members earn as a result of engaging in  any in-app activity to get healthier or support others to get healthier (in development). High impact activities will earn Jewels based on physical effort gauged through body movement sensing tech, while low impact or non-physical health/wellness activities will be given a blanket total Jewels at the completion of the activity.  Jewels can also be used to level-up your avatar’s power status. As members upgrade their avatar power status, they earn more Jewels for the same activities which then allows them to move higher on the leaderboard faster.


This is UBQFIT’s native token. Everything is priced and paid for with this native token. Members can transfer USDC into their decentralized wallets on UBQFIT and convert to UBQOINs or earn the coin through gameplay; directly via duelplay and/or through conversion of Jewels via grouplay.  


Members can join UBQFIT for free, but to earn and accumulate Jewels and UBQOINs, everyone needs a UBQFIT gameplay NFT shirt. Without the gameplay NFT in the wallet, Jewels earned will disappear after the completion of any activity and so won’t qualify to convert to UBQOINs at month end nor will they be able to win the bucket of UBQOINs in duelplay when they win the duel against a friend that they have entered into a challenge with.

Members can also update their avatar power status by buying power-up NFTs which come in the form of fancier digital clothing for the avatars. Higher avatar power status will mean higher earnings in each activity, and so higher rank on global leaderboard which provides for higher chance of converting Jewels to UBQOINs and for higher amounts of coins too. In future, more utilities will come on NFTs.  

Current Types of Gameplay

During our beta season, there are three ways to engage in gameplay, as listed below:

Duel play

It is very simple, enjoyable, and social. Members can initiate duel gameplay from several places in the platform including the game tab. Perform a workout and challenge a selected personal buddy (or another member of the UBQFIT ecosystem) to do the same workout by staking some UBQOINs into the bucket. If they accept the challenge, they have a week to complete the challenge and have to contribute the same number of UBQOINs in the bucket.

Earn more Jewels in that duel and take home the bucket of UBQOINs. The members can see how many UBQOINs they have won through duelplays in their dashboard.

Group play

Even simpler and super social! When engaged in groupplay, a live leaderboard on the right of the screen reflects the Jewels earned stats of all member participants for that particular groupplay.

On top of the screen, members can find their session Jewel earnings. To see where they rank in the global leaderboard for the month, they will need to navigate to the dashboard which shows where they are on the global leaderboard throughout the month which resets at the beginning of each month.

Members can convert Jewels to UBQOINs at month's end based on position on the global leaderboard and the conversion parameters we provide at the beginning of the month.

For the Beta season, conversion is set to 30 Jewels for 1 UBQOIN and the top 100 Jewel earners will convert. So hurry up, get active and be in the top 100. Follow us on Twitter and Discord, to keep up-to-date each month with the rank metric as it gets reset each month and could vary.

Leveling up Avatar

All members’ avatars start at power level 1 and can go up to level 50.  As you play, compete and earn Jewels and compile your Jewels in your dashboard, you can level up your avatar's power status. A leveled-up avatar allows you to gain Jewels at a higher rate. For each level up, you'll have to spend some UBQOINs, and the number of Jewels needed increases with each level.

At this time you can level up using one NFT only; but in future, you will be able to use multiple NFTs to increase your earning potential.

Earning System

Types of Activities

You can earn Jewels by participating in any fitness and wellness activity on UBQFIT. To make our community members healthier, stronger, and live longer while still having fun, this list of activity options will continue to expand. UBQFIT is starting out with high-intensity, short, and enjoyable 15-minute workouts for Beta.

Earning Mechanism

UBQFIT has built proprietary technology to measure your movements with precision on the screen and assign Jewels to your movements during high-impact, high-energy type of fitness activities such as 15-minute workouts that we are starting with in Beta. Low impact activities such as Yoga and meditation will come soon and are assigned a blanket 1500 Jewels.

Estimated Jewels

  • High impact, super fun group gameplays earn approximately 1500 Jewels pending effort.
  • 30 minutes of yoga after a recorded workout a blanket 1500 Jewels. (coming)
  • Numerous additional fitness- and wellness-related activities. (coming)


  • The daily Jewel limit is set to 3,000.
  • Earn 250 additional Jewels by completing 6 workouts in a week.
  • Do several workouts per day and gain 100 extra Jewels for the first one. (coming)
  • The daily limit expires at midnight (12 am GMT).
  • The monthly limit is set to 90,000 Jewels.
  • First 100-point earners will convert to UBQOINs during beta.
  • 1 UBQOIN = 30 Jewels (this is subject to change once UBQOIN is listed)

In-app Digital Wallet

To provide a smooth member experience, UBQFIT offers an in-app decentralized wallet that will store NFTs and cryptocurrencies. For the time being, we only support the Polygon network for transactions and only permit USDC transfers in and out of the system to convert to UBQOINs for gaming purposes. UBQFIT is powered by Polygon because it is fast, user-friendly, connected to major centralized exchanges, and EVM compatible. We'll eventually include more networks, crypto coins, and currencies.

In-app Marketplace

Inside UBQFIT, we have a dedicated NFT marketplace where you can exchange, buy, and sell NFTs. We start off with a few clothing NFTs for your avatars, but as we scale, more fitness/wellness related NFTs, including brand representation, will be added.

We are designed to expand and scale. We are a real two-sided marketplace, therefore UBQOINs can also be used to pay for other non-digital wellness and fitness products in our in-app marketplace in the near future.

Additionally, once UBQFIT is in app stores (we are launching with web-app) we provide connection to Apple Watch as well as UBQFIT-branded fitness watches. By doing this, you'll be able to see the summary of fitness metrics for each gameplay, alongside the UBQOINs you have won in each duelplay, Jewels accumulated in each duelplay / gameplay and many more gameplay features.

Want to Know More?

Join us and bring your friends, family, or your next-door neighbor to create a social experience driven by fitness and wellness. Follow our social media pages and join our community using the links below.



You can find all the information about UBQFIT on our website or from our whitepaper.

Workout daily

Join our forces

Let’s make wellness & fitness what it has never been before together, as a community. It’s time for an evolution in how things get done!!

Let's do it!

Join our forces

Let’s make wellness & fitness what it has never been before together, as a community. It’s time for an evolution in how things get done!!

Let's do it! Workout daily