Subscription channel
that's yours exclusively

Most competitive app to engage with your subscribers

  • Give your subscribers access to your amazing content with the most high-tech fitness app
  • We are constantly building new features for our creators. Also, our design team is here to help, anytime.
  • We train you to become the best creator you want to become (content strategy, social training and more).

Fitness trainer

Engaging paid group events

  • Offer live group events inside your paid subscription channel for free or charge per event for those that are not subscribers.

  • Use the live leaderboard in paid events to engage Trainees at levels not possible today anywhere else; no need for a watch or equipment.

Offer a world of content

  • Upload your current recorded content or build new content by going having live paid events; they all get filed in your subscription channel.
  • Offer content by category, like “core workouts,” “arm workouts,” and “total-body workouts”
  • Offer “workouts of the week” to motivate people to join in before the workouts expire

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We succeed when you do

  • You own the subscribers that sign up with you, meaning you get their yearly subscription payment as long as they stay subscribed to the platform.
  • Enter your banking information once and have subscription fees directly deposited every month.
  • The monthly subscription is $15. Annual is $100. You keep 80% minus credit card processing fees (3%).
  • The monthly subscription is $15. Annual is $100. You keep 80% minus credit card processing fees (3%).

trainer report

We succeed when you do

  • You own the subscribers, meaning you get their subscription payments as long as they stay with you.
  • And that’s not all, you can also get booked for 1-1 sessions or provide content to be used and monetized in UBQFIT’s fitness games.
  • Enter your banking information once and all of your earnings will be directly deposited every two weeks.
  • NO monthly subscriptions, no commitments. You keep 80% minus credit card processing fees (3.2%)

How does it work?

What does UBQFIT cost?

No upfront fee, no management fee, no hidden fees. We take 20% of all revenues earned. The 20% is invested into building more features and services to help you improve and grow your business. We are here to partner with you.

Can other instructors ‘take’ my subscribers?

You own your subscription channel and that’s where your subscribers live. But that’s not all, as the UBQFIT grows, you’ll also pickup Trainees that love you and your style through the platform. They can book 1-1 sessions with out or attend your paid events outside of your subscription channel and learn that they want to be committed to you and sign up with your channel. So this way your grow your channel size over time not just through your own direct efforts.

What type of instructors can use UBQFIT?

A broad range of instructors can use UBQFIT – anyone who touches upon health, wellness, fitness and nutrition. Our instructors include: trainers, group fitness instructors, yogis, meditation experts, crossfit instructors, endurance athletes, MMA coaches and fighters, influencers, coaches for all sports, registered dietitians and many more.


Most platforms lock you up and your content for life (or force you into a production studio to create a DVD). And there there is some obscure earning potential where you’ll get paid based on what was watched by certain people.  And most just hand you the technology and then you are on your own.

We are your partner, which means we always put you first. We work hard so you can:

– Clear cute earning potential. Your own 1-1’s, your own channel, your own paid events. Can’t be more clearer than that and the sky’s the limit.

– Own your content, data, and customers

– Create as much content as you want from anywhere in the world

– Utilize great technology that is improved every day with your feedback and customizations

– Access education and training to help you maximize your business success

– Lean on design and tech support to help you build, brand and promote your experience

Everything about digital fitness can be better