Quarantine? Yes and No.

April 22, 2020 KCMedina Fitness

Many of my clients have expressed feeling as if their freedoms have been taken
away with this quarantine situation. Well the answer of course is Yes and no.
Yes you have to stay home but the quarantine should not apply to your spirit,
mind and body. Use your time wisely and do things like pray and meditate to fill
your spirit, organize your house and schedule your time to de-clutter yourself
mentally and line up training, classes, walks, hikes and more to hold yourself
accountable to moving and getting your sweat on! It is simple; at the end of the
quarantine you want to be in a better spiritual, mental and physical place
right? So, do something about it before we are back to the “normal” ways of
running ourselves ragged. Appreciate the quarantine for what it is-a stay at
home rule to concentrate on what is truly important. Use it for your good and
you will appreciate the time it gave you to create a better spirit, mind and
body relationship with yourself and with others. Focus on what the quarantine is
giving you versus what it has taken away. You are in charge of it being a yes or
a no. What will it be? Will you use this time to get 1% better everyday?