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As a college student, I often don’t have time to make it into the gym with my hectic schedule of classes and active social life. With UBQFIT, I am able to do a workout right from my dorm room, no trip to the gym necessary! I also avoid the hefty personal trainer costs at my local gym, which is essential on my college budget.



I was struggling to keep a healthy client base at the gym where I worked. Through UBQFIT, I’m able to connect with clients from anywhere, completely expanding my professional network. My clients can see when I am online and easily book sessions with me. Uber has met Twitch with this one, UBQFIT brings a seamless experience on both ends.



I was feeling a little self-conscious about my body after pregnancy, and didn’t enjoy going to the gym because it was so crowded. I am so glad I found UBQFIT because it allows me to get an amazing personalized workout from the privacy of my home, at a bargain price too!



My job in finance has me working 90-hour weeks, and I never felt up to a trip to the gym after work, that was if I even had the time. Now that I have UBQFIT, I can do a session with my favorite trainer from the comfort of my home when I have the time. The pricing is competitive, and the on the workout stats on screen make it easy for me to track my progress in each workout.



I can’t believe that technology like this even exists, it’s crazy that I can go live with a trainer and see all of the details and metrics of my workout in real time on the screen. This stuff is the future, everyone needs to check this out!



I am ecstatic about my experience with UBQFIT! As a mother of two and working full time, it is really difficult for me to fit exercise into my schedule. In addition to the struggle for finding the time, I also have trouble finding the motivation and a fitness regimen that really engages me. With UBQFIT not only am I able to work around my hectic daily life, but I have found a professional trainer who understands my struggles! When we connected for my session, she got to know me and figured out what my goals were and established a fitness plan customized for me specifically. Having someone there to push me closer to my desired results and pick me up when I was feeling like throwing in the towel is extremely helpful for me.



I was approached with the opportunity to try out UBQFIT during a beta phase. I connected with a certified trainer and after a very brief introduction we started to warm up and get comfortable. As our workout continued we started to accumulate viewers on our session. I was a little nervous at first, but when the words of encouragement started flowing in the chat, there was flow of excitement through my body. I felt like I had my own fan section and I wanted to keep going. One kind person even donated a few dollars to me I guess as a token of doing a great workout! What a cool concept!!



I work for a global company and I travel a lot for work. I used to find myself on a treadmill in a hotel after a long day and was just lacking the motivation. After 15-20 minutes I would find myself giving up and grabbing a bite to eat before finishing emails and calling it a day. Now no matter where I am in the world, I can get a personalized training session that not only keeps me engaged but makes me forget I’m out on the road by myself! I have seen significant results and I find myself making healthier decisions while traveling for business!



As a celebrity fitness trainer who leverages social media to market to potential clients, I found it incredibly challenging to serve all my clients nationwide. Although I reach a global audience, I could not figure out a viable way to serve potential clients who were out-of-state interested in my services. Between many flights and FaceTime video calls - my acquisition costs sky-rocketed. With UBQFIT, I’ve been able to live broadcast my workouts classes to all of my clients worldwide and acquire new ones at a fraction of the costs.